Patrice Lecoq

France, Metropolitan

"I met Mr Ganga Bdr Tamnag some month ago, when I try to organise a trip around Mount Kailash in Tibet. As I could not get the permit from China, he offers me to go to Mustang, a small Tibetan district in Northern part of Nepal that I was dreaming to visit for more than 30 years, and around the Annapurna where I went alone 33 years ago. This journey with him as guide was a real pleasure, because Ganga Bdr Tamnag is a charming and dedicated person, and a high-level guide, who knows very well the cultural tradition of Nepal and neighbouring countries, including Tibet where he travel many time, but also Korea and parts of China. When he was young, before being a graduating national mountain guide in Nepal, Ganga Bdr Tamnag has been formed as a porter, a cook, and a helper in Himalayan expedition in India. So he knows all aspects of the business, which makes it an ideal partner, particularly appreciated by the local population. Married to a delightful Tibetan woman, he knows all aspects of the Buddhist religion and also Hinduism. He is also the director of a small family agency: Nepal New Generation Trek, which is very dynamic and not very expansive comparing to the other trekking or tourism agencies, that I do recommend to all lovers of Nepal and trekking in the Himalaya. All of its staff members (guides, porters) speak English or French, and they have received a high-level training designed to familiarize them with dangerous situations. For each of the groups they accompany, they enjoy complete equipment, including clothing, shoes, pharmacy kit, but are also fully insured in case of accident, including repatriation by helicopter if they need it. I still have an unforgettable experience in my Mustang in the company of Ganga, he and its team are now a faithful companions. So I do highly recommend Nepal New Generation to all of the people who love Nepal and those who want to travel in Nepal and in the Himalaya."

Patrice Lecoq, Prof. of Anthropology at the Université of Paris I